Career Support for Neurodivergent People

Access community, resources and hands-on support to build a meaningful and sustainable career.

The Neurodiversity Network Career Hub

Sustainable, meaningful employment should be available for everyone

Employment as a neurodivergent individual is incredibly hard, let alone attempting to sustain that employment or turn it into a fulfilling, lifelong career. We are here to change that.

The Neurodiversity Network is a a career support network specifically built for neurodivergent people, by neurodivergent people. We have resources, events and a whole community dedicated to helping neurodivergent individuals thrive at work.

Thank you to April for arranging the mentorship program – It has been really useful in improving my work tasks and activities. I feel so much more organised and prepared for the future after participating in this program!
Finally there is a ‘safe place’ with people like me.
Just wanted to say how amazing my mentor has been for me! I lost my job last week out of the blue which was so devastating so having my mentor there was great.
She kept in contact with me and let me word-vomit my feelings.

Our Career Hub Contains Specific Tools and Resources to Help You Achieve

Community and Events

Join our community of like-minded neurodivergent individuals, and attend our free monthly online events.

Neuro-affirming Resources

We have carefully curated tools and resources that promote neuro-affirming practices for you to learn and grow from.

Coaching and Mentoring

When you’re ready to take your career progression to the next step, access our mentoring services and directory of coaches.

The Neurodiversity Network is perfect for neurodivergent individuals seeking career support backed by lived experience

The NDN Career Hub is perfect for you if:

  • You’re feeling burnt out in your job and struggling to feel fulfilled.
  • You’ve tried to find other resources for career support and found them to be patronising and infantilising.
  • You have big aspirations for your career but don’t know how to get there.
  • You want to connect with other like-minded neurodivergent individuals looking to build meaningful careers for themselves.

It’s a team effort to build neuro-inclusion into the fabric of the workforce, and society as a whole

A team effort means we don’t operate in a silo; we work with employers to help them establish inclusive workplaces, and connect Helpers to those that need their Help.


Are you an employer looking for workplace neurodiversity training?

The Neurodiversity Network delivers education, training and support to employers on understanding how to build a culture of neuro-inclusion and neuro-accessibility in the workplace.

Coaches & Other Helping Providers

Are you a coach, therapist or other helping profession?

We work with helping professions to connect neuro-affirming care with those that need support. Chat with us to find out how to enter our coaching directory.

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