The Neurodiversity Network is a social enterprise dedicated to breaking down the barriers between neurodivergent people and meaningful, sustainable careers. We provide neuro-affirming advice, community and resources to individuals seeking to build a meaningful career for themselves without the inevitable burnout and mental illness that plagues over 60% of neurodivergent employees.

Increasingly, we are seeing neurodivergent individuals that were employed needing to leave the workforce due to extreme burnout, lack of support and discrimination.

We’re here to change that.

Meet April, the Founder

Hi, my name is April! I’m an AuDHDer that was diagnosed in 2021 after experiencing severe autistic burnout that saw me hospitalised. I needed to quit my job and completely re-work how I lived my life.

I spent 6 months out of the workforce, working with therapists to help bring me back to a level of “me”. When I finally was ready to rejoin the workforce my treating doctors told me I would not be able to go back to working and living the way I was. The uncomfortable truth in this was that I didn’t know how to build a sustainable life for myself – I had been living on hard mode for so long, I didn’t know how to wind it back.

It’s taken me years to find a balance, and I still look for it everyday. But if I had had a resource like The Neurodiversity Network back then, I feel like it would have made my life so much easier. So I decided to build it.

Our Membership Fees and Operating Costs

The Neurodiversity Network charges a membership fee of $5 a month to help keep the platform running and further the mission of helping neurodivergent individuals around the world unlock sustainable careers.

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